Third Reich's the Charm is the tenth episode of Code Monkeys. It is preceded by Todd Loses His Mind and followed by Wrassle Mania.


Jerry has begun listening to relaxation tapes, but they don't seem to be working, as he only starts to grow angrier. Dave calls together the entire development team to declare a workplace emergency. Larrity is only passing low-quality games, so in order to teach him a lesson, Dave makes everyone develop games with extremely controversial content. Mary reluctantly and angrily makes a game filled with negative women stereotypes, which is rejected by Larrity, and Dave makes a game with Hitler as the player character. Before he could give any more details, Larrity approves the game, as it has everything he likes (including Hitler, child slavery, and chili doggin') and immediately starts investing large amounts of money into it. Dean has a role in the game as Hitler, who beats up an adorable kitten in one scene. Dave sends him out to get them orange jew-liuses.

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