The Player is an omnipotent entity that plays the game Code Monkeys. Next to nothing is known about The Player; their name, age, sex, appearance, or even what they control in-game is almost completely unknown. None of the characters acknowledge or even nod at the possible existence of The Player. Their only form of communication is through the headline that normally reads Code Monkeys at the bottom of the HUD, but this goes unnoticed by the game's cast. The Player's only major involvement in the series was at the end of Todd Loses His Mind, when Todd attempts to blow up GameAVision, the game suddenly crashes, forcing The Player to eject the cartridge and reset the game.

Known factsEdit

Over time, ideas of the Player's identity slowly form.

  • During the brief scene in real life, it is revealed that The Player's room is very messy and littered with plastic cups and food, and there is rap playing in the background. One can safely assume from this that The Player is not a very tidy person and is more than likely quite young, being between their late teens and mid-20s.
  • In the episode 4-20, when Jerry admits that he shaves his pubic hair to make everything appear bigger, the headline says "I've done that.", implying The Player is male. However, in Dave Gets Boobs, when Dave complains that Jerry doesn't understand what he's going through after getting orange breast implants, the headline simply says "I do", implying The Player is either female or underwent similar surgery.
  • The Player seems to also hold an expected disdain for Todd like everyone else, and rates him on Creepy Factor and Douche gauges. He is also quite aware of Todd's borderline incestuous relationship with his mother and calls him Odeipus Rex Todd. In Psychological Problems, The Player expresses true panic and tries to warn Dr. Masterson to run for her life right before Todd jumps off the deep end and chases her throughout the building.
  • The Player also likes stretch marks on women, similar to Larrity. However, The Player doesn't seem to like him, and when Black Steve tries to claim an image on a punching bag isn't Larrity, The Player adds "It's not as ugly."
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