My Pal Jodie is the third episode of the second season of Code Monkeys. It takes place after Psychological Problems and before Dave Gets Boobs .


Game ReferencesEdit

  • Death Race and it's creator Howell Ivy are featured.
  • A black Princess Peach is a part of the cardboard jury.
  • "Not guilty" is shown as a parody of "Objection!" as featured in the Phoenix Wright series.

Movies/Tv ReferencesEdit

  • G.I. Joe is mentioned by the "bars."
  • Wrath of Bong is a reference to Wrath of Khan
  • Dave claims he bought Wrath of Bong in a Cantina on Tatooine the bar from Star Wars.
  • John Hinkley became obsessed with the movie Taxi Driver, where Robert DeNiro attempts to assasinate a presidential cantidate. The movie features a young Jodie Foster as an underage prostitute.
  • The case takes place in the Peope's Court.
  • Matlock is the lawyer for the prosocution.

Music ReferencesEdit

  • Wham, George Micheal, Carless Whisper and his partner in Wham are all featured.
  • George is found in a public restroom in reference to his infamous run in with the law.
  • Cochren does the Hammer Dance during the trial.
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