Clarence is a homosexual that works in the music department at GameAvision. His dream is to have anonymous sex with different men every single night. He is even quoted saying that he wouldn't sleep with Dean, but then had a changed his mind because thats just how gay he is. Dave is usually seen encouraging his homosexuality. Everyone else just seems to avoid him. He once dated one of the wrestlers in the episode "Wrasslemania."


Here are some of the relationships that Clarence shares with others at GameAvision.

Dave- Dave is always seen encouraging Clarence's homosexuality. He even quoted that he wished he was gay so he could walk through doors like Clarence.

Jerry- Jerry tries to avoid Clarence at all times and just probably doesn't care much about him.

Mr. Larrity- Larrity hates Clarence more than anything. He discriminates against his sexual orientation. Due to it being in the 1980's, it was legal to do that, even in California. Larrity even called him "whatever the hell that thing was" when he first joined GameAvision.

Dean- Dean is probably too stupid to know that Clarence is gay. He'd probably sleep with him. As a matter of fact, in the episode " Drunken Office Party, " Dean is tricked into putting Clarence's ballgag in his " he-hole. " Later that episode, he also believes Clarence when he says, " hey Dean, the ice cream man's in my pants. "

Todd- Like everyone else, Todd also despises Clarence and his homosexuality, and sees him as an inferior.

Black Steve- Black Steve has never shown any contempt for homosexuality, or Clarence, in the episode "Vegas,Baby!" he invited Clarence to shoot guns with him. Clarence's first shot knocked him across the room and hit another person at the Gun Range causing him to ask "you okay, buddy?" Clarence replied with "Now that you're here, stud." Suddenly everyone else at the gun range aimed at Clarence obviously being homophobic to the point of violence. Black Steve rushed to Clarence's defense and quickly dispatched of all the shooters by killing them.

Mary- Mary hates his homosexuality in general, hates Clarence's pito.

Clare- Clare doesn't care about Clarence that much, but would say something to him at the moment.

Quotes By Clarence

Below are some quotes said by clarence.

"Hey boys its clarence. It's your best friend in the world, who happens to be gay hooooooooo!"

"No, but i do know about bubbles. Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles!"

"My dream is to have annonymous sex with different men every single night!"

"I russled me up some cowboys!"

"You'r not so bad yourself! Maybe I can get you a drinkie-pooooo!

"Let's get weeeet!!"

"Even I'm offended! And I just spent all weekend watching three men fuck!"h

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