Black Steve
Black Steve
Vital statistics
Title Black Steve
Gender Male
Race Human
Level 2
Status Active
Location Sunnyvale, California
Black Steve is Game-A-Vision's accountant. He is an angry black man who hates anything light or white, including albinos and chalk. He is shown to love rap, having started a rap group in IPO. He often uses the insult "dummy," "bitch," or "ignorant bitch." For some reason, he pitches games, too, even though he's not actually part of the development team. His games revolve around the gangster culture and killing anything remotely resembling cops.

Ivy League EducationEdit

While Black Steve is hindered by his anger issues and problems with everything colored white, he reveals that he actually graduated from Dartmouth College, an Ivy League institute, showing that he is actually more intelligent than the rest of the staff at the company. In order to pay for his tuition, Black Steve fought in underground wrestling matches and gained an identity as the Black Shadow. He ultimately ran off after killing a man (Tommy Murder) in the crowd in a fit of rage. While he studied in Dartmouth, Black Steve also learned Japanese, which he can speak fluently, although never gets a chance to truly show this. He also can speak conversational Arabic. As an accountant, Black Steve knows quite lot about his line of work and how the stock trade operates. He even informs Larrity about the other popular trends that they compete with.

List of games created by Black SteveEdit

  • Cracker Barrel - Probably Published

A game created by Black Steve before The Woz, although he's an accountant, he does have knowledge of game programming, a game where a player shoot crackers in a barrel.

  • Homie Pigeon - Probably Published

A game created by Black Steve in Larrity's Got Back, he tries to explain about the game but he was easily distracted by Larrity's Big Black Ass.

  • Homie Pigeon 2 - Incomplete

A game mentioned by Jerry in Larrity's Got Back, as he went to go help him with the game.

  • Die Die Meter Maid - Unknown

A game created by Black Steve in Wrassle Mania, where a player shoots a meter maid after giving the player a parking ticket, the same thing probably happened to Black Steve as he seems very pissed in the beginning of the episode and as he shot Larrity's tv screen.


"(Bleep)! Why do I kill!" -Wrassle Mania


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